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Martha White Muffin Mix Challenge

Admit it. You know your way around the kitchen. Your delicious, homemade recipes have already made you a hero to the kids, and irresistible to the spouse. Now, you can share your original recipe for dessert – or breakfast – for a chance to win great holiday prizes.

Martha White Muffin Mix Challenge 1024x768 Martha White Muffin Mix Challenge
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Chocolate Custard Tart

There are so many recipes with chocolate, but, some of them, just made you speechless. I was left¬†speechless with this Chocolate Custard Tart. It’s homemade recipe, it’s easy recipe, and you can make it at home, with no troubles! This also can be really good Christmas desert!¬† Take a look, try it, and enjoy it!

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Sweet Striped Cookies

These are fine mummy’s biscuits in striped clothes! You will have to try this easy recipes as soon as you can!


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Delicious Brownies

I have searched for “those” wonderful sticky chocolate dough to satisfy the demanding palate, and here it is! Not at all mysterious, very simple and flawless chocolate! Now, you can make your own homemade brownies!

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