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Homemade Straciatella Desert

When is hot and sunny outside, all you wanna do is take some cooling deserts and enjoy. Easy recipes for homemade straciatella desert is the one you want and need. It’s really easy to make, and your friends and family will love you for this. This amazing and good recipes are really simple, it doesn’t take a lot of time, and the most important, it’s so delicious! So, take a look, and just enjoy making and eating it!

Straciatella Desert1 Homemade Straciatella Desert

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Homemade Greek Yogurt

When I think about Greek food, my mind floods with the dozens upon dozens of wonderful dishes that we all know and adore; I think about the succulent layers of a Moussaka, the crispy phyllo on a Souvlaki, I can almost taste the soft pita bread wrapped around the juicy pieces of lamb in a gyro. But what really makes a gyro for me is the yogurt, the crucial part of so many wonderful Greek dishes.

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Sweet Fashion Cupcakes


Food is not just for  literally eat, but it can also be associated with art and photography. A stylist Lisa Edsälv culinary arts means creating cakes that could be the face of well-known brands couture, such as Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, and Vera Wang. She did a really good job on this one, because […]

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Team Guy vs Team Rachael: Who Will Win This Year’s Rachael vs Guy Kids Cook-Off?


Are you on Team Guy or Team Rachael? See which will win in season 2 of Rachael vs Guy Kids Cook-Off. On August 17th at 8PM ET/PT, viewers will have the chance to check out these successful coaches and mentors help a new group of multi-talented, kid chefs on the Food Network. A total of eight […]

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Recharge, Rebuild, and Refuel with Kellogg’s Cereal


Recharge, rebuild, and refuel with Dr. Travis Stork and Kellogg’s. The partnership between the emmy-nominated doctor and acclaimed author and the prominent food manufacturer will promote the importance of a healthy and great-tasting breakfast for energy and weight maintenance.Stork helps families recharge, rebuild and refuel with a bowl of cereal and milk, which provides a […]

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The Best Food Couples


Couples Pantone – food project Shvena Minneapolis by artist David Schwen. This appetizing series from illustrator, designer and art director, in which a pair of favorite products turned into Panton color table. Bread and butter, salt and pepper, ketchup and mustard, cheese and ham. These food photos are just amazing, and you can clearly see […]

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Food Network Show Back for Tenth Season

FNS7 Episode 1 Camera Challenge Food Beauties

The tenth season a popular Food Network will be making its appearance this June. On Sunday, June 1st at 9 PM ET/PT, Food Network star will premiere with its trio of amazing, credible culinary artists Giada De Laurentiis, Alton Brown, and Bobby Flay. Finding raw talent is the name of the game with finalists across the […]

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Chicken and Macaroni Salad


If you like macaroni, and chicken, this is going to be an ideal recipe for you. Al dente macaroni will give you the creaminess, and diced chicken will give you fresh and meaty taste. The most important, this is really easy recipe, and also my favorite during hot summer days, because, i eat it chilled […]

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Homemade Egg Omelet Sandwich


When you are not feeling so good and you don’t want to prepare some food that takes a lot of time, there is always a good solution, and that good solution is a simple but delicious homemade sandwich. There are so many different homemade recipes for sandwiches, and you just have to choose your favorite. […]

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Vote for One of the “Ben’s Beginners Cooking Contest” Finalists!


 The top selling brand of rice in the United States has chosen their finalists for their cooking contest. Uncle Ben’s Rice has the Ben’s Beginners Cooking Contest, which will allow the winner to receive the prize of a $30,000 remodeling of their school’s cafeteria. Additionally, the winner will receive $15,000 cash and a second appearance on […]

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